Quantitative Publications

Helm, J. L., Miller, J., Kahle, S., Troxel, N., Hastings, P. D. (in press). On measuring and modeling physiological synchrony in dyads. Multivariate Behavioral Research.

Helm, J. L., Castro-Schilo, L., Castellarnau Illarramendo, A., Zavala Rojas, D., Oravecz, Z.  (in press). Bayesian estimation of the true score multitrait-multimethod model with a split-ballot design. Structural Equation Modeling.

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Substantive Publications

Morales, S.*, Ram, N., Buss, K. A., Cole, P. M., Helm, J. L., Chow, S. M. (in press). Age-related changes in the dynamics of fear regulation in early childhood.

Vilgis, V., Gelardi, K. L., Helm, J. L., Forbes, E. E., Hipwell, A. E., Keenan, K. K., Guyer, A. E. (in press). Dorsomedial prefrontal cortex activity to sad faces predicts later emotion suppression and depression in adolescent girls. Child Development.

Geng, J. J., *DiQuattro, N. E., Helm, J. L. (in press). Distractor probability changes shape of the attentional template.

Parra, L.*, Benibgui, M., Helm, J. L., Hastings, P. D. (in press). The buffering effect of the chosen family: Peer support, family rejection, and psychosocial adjustment in LGB emerging adults.

Parra, L.*, Benibgui, M., Helm, J. L., Hastings, P. D. (2016). Minority stress predicts depression in lesbian, gay, and bisexual emerging adults via elevated diurnal cortisol. Emerging Adulthood, 4, 365 – 372.

Belsky, J., Newman, D. A., Widaman, K. F., Rodkin, P., Pluess, M., Fraley, R. C., Berry, D., Helm, J. L., Roisman, G. I. (2015). Differential susceptibility to effects of maternal sensitivity? A study of candidate plasticity genes. Development and Psychopathology, 27, 725 – 746.

Tseng, W. L., Guyer, A. E., Briggs-Gowan, M. J., Axelson, D., Birmaher, B., Egger, H. L., Helm, J. L., Stowe, Z., Towbin, K. A., Wakschlag, L. S., Leibenluft, E., Brotman, M. A. (2015). Behavior and emotion modulation deficits in preschoolers at risk for bipolar disorder. Depression and Anxiety, 32, 325 – 334.

Han, G.*, Helm, J. L., Iucha, C., Zahn-Waxler, C., Hastings, P. D., Klimes-Dougan, B. (2015). Are executive functioning deficits concurrently and predictively associated with depressive and anxiety symptoms in adolescents? Journal of Clinical and Adolescent Psychology. DOI: 10.1080/15374416.2015.1041592

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Book Reviews

Helm, J. L. (2016). A review of latent variable modeling using R. Structural Equation Modeling, 23, 931 – 932 [Book Review]

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