Teaching Evaluations

My most recent teaching evaluations for a statistics class can be found here:helm-teaching-evaluations-statistics-course, and my most recent evaluations for a research methods class can be found here:helm-teaching-evaluations-research-methods-course.

Teaching Online

I provide free online tutorials of basic and high level statistics using R.

Teaching Experience

I began teaching in graduate school as a teaching assistant, and I helped instruct fourteen quantitative courses. At the undergraduate level, I taught Statistical Analysis for Psychological Data, a course that introduces correlation, ANOVA and regression. At the graduate level, I instructed Advanced Statistical Inference from Psychological Experiments, a course that focuses on basic one-way ANOVA through mixed effects ANOVA, and Causal Modeling of Correlational Data, a course devoted to regression and structural equation modeling.  For all of these courses, I conducted a lab section that taught statistical programming using SAS and R, prepared and graded weekly assignments, lectured a subset of classes, provided review sessions, and scored exams.

After graduate school, I was the instructor for four more courses; including one section of Introductory Research Methods and UC Davis, and three sections of Introductory Statistics for the Social Sciences (at both UC Davis and Folsom Lake Community College). Within the introductory research methods course students learn different approaches for measuring and manipulating psychological constructs, which enables them to critically evaluate psychological research. Within the statistical analysis for social sciences course students learn to conduct t-tests, correlations, ANOVA, regression, logistic regression,  tests, and how to summarize results into an APA style write-up. Thus, the courses that I tend to teach empowers students to actively engage the research literature, and begin to complete their own research.

Finally, I have been an instructor at nine different workshops organized by the American Psychological Association. In each workshop, I lecture and lead hands-on computer-lab sessions covering topics of Longitudinal Structural Equation Modeling and Data Mining. Sessions include both classroom- and individual-based instruction with a wide variety of statistics programs (including SAS, R, Mplus, OpenMx, lavaan, SPSS, and LISREL).

 Courses Qualified to Teach

At both the undergraduate and graduate level, I am prepared to teach introductory courses in statistical analysis (including ANOVA, correlation, or regression) or research methods, as well as more advanced courses in data analysis (including data visualization, an introduction to SPSS, or statistical computing with R).

At the graduate level I am also qualified to teach specialized classes in classical test theory, modern test theory, multivariate analysis, factor analysis, structural equation modeling, hierarchical linear modeling, longitudinal data analysis, Bayesian data analysis, data mining, and time series analysis.

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